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Tentative first hatch date for 2024 is 1/22/24

This breed was originally developed in America starting with the Chilean Araucana breed. Townline’s own breeder flock has several color variations resulting in a cornucopia of plumage and eggs from blues to greens and pinks. Your farm won’t be completely unique without this lovely breed.

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Originally developed in America from the Chilean breed, Araucana, for the blue colored egg shell trait, but without the lethal gene the Araucana breed carries. Our breeder flock consists of several color variations of Ameraucana’s that breed inter-mixed resulting in multi-colored plumage varieties.

Description at 1 Day Old:

Wide variety of coloring and patterns that can include yellow/white, brown with striping, and blue-grays.  Most will have tufts on the sides of their face giving the appearance of fluffy “cheeks”.

Description at Maturity:

Varied colors and patterns of white and blacks, browns, and blue-gray with tufts of feathers on the sides of their face and/or down neck. No two seem identical!


Additional information

Weight .12 lbs

Males – 5-6lbs, Females 4-5lbs


20 weeks

Egg Production

250 eggs annually

Egg Type

Colored eggs


Preferred for free-range

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4 reviews for Americana

  1. Dawn Knauft (verified owner)

    Sorry to say I have been disappointed in our Americanas. They are skittish, shy birds, on the bottom of the pecking order. Now, at 35 weeks old, we’ve finally gotten our first blue-green egg from one. Not sure whether the other is laying a different color (maybe pink?) or just not laying yet? I’ve been feeding them separately for months now, just in case they were not getting enough to lay.

  2. jimpankratz (verified owner)

    my daughter and I loved them, all healthy and alive, will order many more, there were many various colors…

  3. jimpankratz (verified owner)

    my daughter and I loved them, all healthy and alive, will order many more,

  4. jenniferrichardson500 (verified owner)

    I bought 7 females last may and they r are all laying well. And got a nice mix of colors they are not all the same color I would definitely order more of these

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