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Also called the “Common Pheasant”, the Ringneck Pheasant is a popular game bird!

*We are licensed to issue the release permit and will send the permit along with the pheasant chicks.

**If only ordering pheasants, a minimum order of 30 pheasants must be ordered.

**Some state limitations apply.


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60 - 199$2.10

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The Ringneck Pheasant was introduced to the United States around the 1880’s and have become a very popular game bird ever since. They are raised for a number of different reasons including hunting, release, training a bird dog, or for meat! Males have a long, brown streaked black tail accounting for most of the total length, and the body plumage is barred bright gold and brown with green, purple, and white markings. The head is a bottled green color with a distinctive red waddle. The females are a less showy with mottled brown coloring.


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